Saturday, August 18, 2012

K13 preview and Kalayaan Vol.1 readers review

After being so busy with work, I finally finished another page of my comics. Here is Page 10 of Kalayaan #13. I hope you like it.

After googling my name, I just found out some reviews on Kalayaan Vol.1. And I may say that they are a very fair review. This one is from Jumper Cable. 

And this one are comments from 

I really agree on their comments. And their observation are dead on accurate. I burst in to laughter when Nicolo Yu said " His art has a Rob Liefeld vibe" ... I was so happy because unlike other people, I am a Rob Liefeld fan. I am also happy that they have noticed that there is an improvement on my drawing. It is a constant thing that I am trying to improve. And thank GOD that some people are already noticing it. 

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