Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Fathers Day

Some guy are called Mamas boy. But me I’m a Papas boy.Well, that is atlease when I still used to live with them. I’m very closer to my Dad than to my mom. I guess because he is much fun to be with and much tolerable on my naughtyness.

My Father almost died when I was still 9 years old. When one late night,some bastard tried to rob our sari sari store. He was stabed a little bit above the NECK,below his left jaw, but he still manages to chase the robber down the street (is he tough or what ). The bastard got away. My Dad went back to our store to see if my mom is ok, only to found out that he was bleeding to death. It was a good thing my uncle and cousin arived there from their work. They immediately put my Dad on to their car and rushed to the hospital. It was one of my unforgetable night. I wasn't there at the store when it happened. I was with my brother and sisters at home (I was the younges). But it's was a terrifiying though to loose my Dad. On the comming July 4,2006 he will now be 76 YEARS OLD. Imagine that, I thank God very much that he survived this long and pray that he would have more years to come.

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