Friday, June 23, 2006

Kalayaan with Colors

Here is a pin-up that I created a while back, but with colors now. Its only flat colors, but still looks good.

In a future post here, I might put some villains of the Kalayaan comics that Im working on. But I havent copyrighted them yet, so Im a little hesitant to show them on to the public yet.

I just went to My deviantART and updated my Drawings. I cant believe the great responds that I got from them. Even when I just have put them for a few minutes. Even now I still think of my self as a strugling artist. A few months ago I got dipress on the way I draw. Coz I think of my self is not very good. But I'm ok now. I'm drawing things as much as there is a free time and I still have the streght comming from the office. And for those of you great people that have given me a positive comment in my deviantART. I just want to say that theres alot more to come. I hope not to disappoint you in the comming future.

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