Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cover Page

Here is the cover that I made for the first issue of Kalayaan. Hopefully if every things goes smoothly as plan, I will be releasing it on this coming june. I have already printed and photo copied 20 copies as of this day. And I am planning to make more as long as my budget will hold. hehe.

Currently I am doing the second issue,I'm already on page 6. And I was drawing like crazy last week end. That was 4 pages in 4 days. Thats a full paged penciled and full paged inked a day. I have never drawn like that before. Most of the time I was just slaking off. It's probably the inspiration that I got from a video that Gerry Alanguilan made for the comic congress. That wasn't his intention (to inspire an aspiring artist like me) for that video, but never the less, it has a profound effect on me to work harder on the things that I do.

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