Sunday, March 04, 2007

Time Flies

Is it me? or is time just going so fast? I checked the calendar it is already March 4,2007? How the heck that happened? The last time I checked it was only starting of the month of January. And before that, every body was just preparing for the new year. And now, we are almost through the first quarter of the year. Maybe I could add a calendar on this blog ?(I wonder where I could find a script for that?), so that I could constantly watch it.

When I was just a kid in the 80's, I wanted to grow old as fast as I can. often, being the youngest of 4 siblings my brothers and sisters does not include me to play with them with our cousins because I was too young. And when I was in elementary, me and my classmate could not play on a basketball court because we were being bullied, by the high school or older guys so that they could play instead of us. Even thou we came there first before them. We would just have the basketball on our hand as we watch the older guys sweat it out in the court. We were hopping that they get tired so that we could play (Those bastard...grrrrrr, hehe). One of my friend even said to us that "One day, when we get Older and Bigger, we will throw those guys off the court".

But now, I want time to go slow for me. Sometimes I was imagining to have the power to stop or slowdown time. I'm always late kasi sa office(hehehe). Or maybe I could beam directly from our house to the office just like in Star Trek.

When I think about the old days. It gives me a mixed feelings of the happy and sad days of my life. But all in all I thank GOD for giving us memories to remember those things. It is what makes us what we are.

Speaking of old things. I have added a new link Nostagia Manila. Reminds me of the old things.


JAckson said...

Good blog - lots of effort. I nominate you for an award.

Gio Paredes said...

Thanks. What kind of award?