Friday, August 22, 2008

Invitation for Pinoy Super Heroes

Sarhento Sagrado is looking a few good Pinoy SuperHeroes to fight crime with him.

Sacred Mountain Publications opens its doors to a new era of artistic cooperation.


Tell me about your OC and where he is located, including timeline please.

I'll email you back with the deal.

Note: all rights to the characters submitted will remain to their respective creators.
This is so cool. It is just like an invitation for the Justice League of the Philippines. :-)
I really admire boss Gilbert for initiating this. I hope that this would materialized into a series of comics. I actually have a somehow similar idea like this on mind for quite some time. I would like to guess star each and every indie Pinoy Super Hero out there, starting with Gener Pedrinas Sandugo. But with four months gap each issue. I would take me quite a while.

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