Monday, September 22, 2008

Office Rant

Office Rant

1.)But in.
I hate it when I am talking to someone regarding our office work and then all of a sudden , someone (another officemate) would just but in without saying “excuse me” or anything and would talk to the person that I am talking to and drag him/her to another topic. Walang modo ba, nawawala yung momentum ng usapan namin. Specially kapag masyado nang technical ang usapan at malalim na. Nakaka diskaril. Lalo pa naman kapag critical ang usapan. Walang modo ba. Mag excuse ka manan sana kaibigan. Yung iba naman nag e-excuse kapag tapos na mag “But in”. Ngek,... :-(

2.)Please be specific
This is a small thing but had become very irritating. As a computer programmer, I need specific information to fix a problem. Most of the time an officemate would come to me tell me that there is a computer/data error or a program modification that she wants. I would then ask her, what part of the program? Sales? Receiving? Inventory? Reports? Data entry? It is like going to the doctor saying “Doc may sakit ako, pagalingin mo ako.”, the doctor would ask back “Ano ang masakit sa iyo?”. The patient would say “masakit po ang kamay ko.”. The doctor would ask again “kaliwa o kanan?”. The patient would say again “sa kaliwa po.”, The doctor would ask again “saan parte ng kaliwang kamay mo?”. The stupid patient would say again “sa hinlalaki po ng kaliwang kamay ko.”. Would it be nice if the moment he arrive at the clinic, he would already specify what is wrong? The doctor would be irritated if another patient would also do the same thing the next day, or the next hour.

Ganyan kasi ang nang yayari sa akin. :-(

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officfe space orrtigas said...

Too bad for you.Its a big problem actually especially if youre topic was sensitive, then all of a sudden someone cheat the attention. its hard to go back to topic youve started.