Sunday, September 14, 2008

Panic mode

I am now officially turning my panic button on..

It is already September 14 and I still have 3 pages to finish. I must finish this baby before my October dead line comes. And on top of that, there is my day time job as a programmer that is for the last couple of weeks have been giving me nothing but stress..

Well actually, I will not get sued or get fired if I ever deliver Issue #5 a little bit later than October 1. Well.. there are this few followers that I have (which you could count in one hand) that would be a little disappointed and might get irritated at me. I hope you guys understand. But don't worry, I always think and act professional when it comes to dead line. It is kind of a training for me if ever in the future I would get a high profile gig.

So I better stop blogging (for the moment) and start drawing.

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