Thursday, June 18, 2009

Toycon 2009 - Day 2

Me and Steph selling Bayan Knights comics and Kalayaan comics. She always says that she is an Ogre, but I always disagree with her on that matter.
Me, Steph, Myles and Wan (in front)
Me (again), Steph and Graffista, which I got these images (I hope he doesn't mind) on his blog.
Toycon will not be toycon without any toys. This is the Hulk Buster Ironman that I am dreaming to have someday when I get more financially stable. Toys now are not as cheap when I was in elementary anymore. And they have also very much improve on quality exponentially.
Another awesome piece of craftmanship. Hulk VS. the Unstoppable Juggernaut.
During this last day of the Toycon. I got lucky and bought these two toys on a very bargain price. The first one is very rare Captain Marvel(Shazam), which I got for only P480. The original price is actually around P1,000 to P1,200. They were selling on a discounted price of P700 to P800. I was lucky enough to see one seller that was selling it for a mere P480.

The second on is Hawkman: Identity crisis edition. At ordinary price (and ordinary day), they are selling it around P500 to P900. I only got it for a very very discounted price of P150. That is right. It is not a typo. I got it for just One hundred and fifty pesos. I guess the seller was already tired for two day talking and making bargain deals with the buyer that he sold it to me with that kind of low price. I said to the seller "Mahirap po iyan hindian yang ganyang klase ng presyo manong". Sabay bunot ng pera :D

So here is the tip for next years toycon event. If you want to have a very good deal. Go to that event on the last day and stay up to the last remaining hours. Save your money up to the very last hour. There are surely many sellers that will give you this kind of deal. All you have to do is look around.
Renie Palo having fun with Captain Marvel (Shazam) that I bought. I know someone, that is very envious of me right now. :D


Mark Rosario said...

Super sale na toys ah! Galing! Hahaha...

Reno said...

The Hulk looks like he's about to grab Juggernaut's crotch. Hehehe.

Gio Paredes said...

Oo nga eh. Sana next time makabili uli ako ng ganito kamura na toys.

Oo nga ano. Ngayon ko lang napansin. :D

Jaybee said...

Hmm... Yah,Steph always says that ogre thingy. Haha but the friendship she spreads to all of us surely doesn't belong to an ogre!