Monday, August 24, 2009

Keep moving forward

Have you seen the Walt Disney movie "Meet the Robinson"?

I highly recommend it for those who have not seen it yet. It has a very good message that the writer wants people to see. In a nut shell, never give up the things that you want. Weather that is an ambition, career, business, wealth or even love. Just keep moving forward no matter what. No matter how hard the road is, no matter how many critics say bad words to you, no matter how many people say that it will never be done, and no matter how many times you have failed. Just keep moving forward in life. Your dream will end the moment you just give up.

I remember a story once. A wise native American Chief was asked by a small boy. "Sir, how come when our rainmaker dances, it always rains?". The Chief looked at the small boy and smile. "It is quite simple actually. They never stop dancing until it rains."

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Jerald Uy said...

insightful post sir! :)