Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sad news in a fun event.

I really felt sad about what happened to a Chez of Sputnik during the Metro Comic Con. Her MacBook Laptop was stolen during the first day of the event. I felt very angry at the person that did this to her. She is a very nice person. Why does this has to happened to her? Ang mga corrupt government official na lang sana ang nanakawan.

The events was supposed to be fun. Now people like me that have found out about this incident will be more vigilant and a little bit paranoid on leaving our valuable things. It totally ruined the mood of any event like this. When I was having a good time during the event the thought of her was always on the back of my mind. I was imagining what was going through her head right now. In a way, I am indirectly affected by this, because all of the file of Sputnik resides on that laptop. Including the records of the deliveries of Kalayaan comics I made, and all of the sales record of sputnik. I only hope that they made a back up of their records. I always have this thought that the data that is contained in our computer are more valuable than the machine it self.

In my assessment, it was done by a professional thief. He/she knows the venue where to get valuable things. Gusmastos pa sya ng P100 para sa entrance ticket para makapag nakaw lang. And from the things that I heard. Split seconds lang daw at bigla nang nawala sa table ang laptop. Professional talaga ang mokong. May araw ka din.

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