Saturday, November 28, 2009

Komikon featured in GAME magazine

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(click image to enlarge)

Komikon 2009 is featured in the November issue of "GAME" magazine. And what is interesting for me in this personally, is that my comics is there. It is shown on the lower right side of the page (together with my tummy and my hands pointing down) . It even has a caption saying "Don't be shy, pick your favorite!". :D

I got the hold of this information because of my brother texted me, saying that my nephew bought this magazine and saw my Kalayaan comics on it. I went like "Wow" and gone to the nearest book store and bought a copy.

Too bad they did not mentioned my name on winning the 3rd place of the Grassroot Award. They only mentioned the 1st place. :-( Oh well, better luck next time. And I have this feeling that I will be having this luck on this coming month of December. :D


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