Wednesday, November 04, 2009

New Kalayaan Site

This is the new Kalayaan Comics Official Website. Many thanks to Myke Guisinga for helping me with the design. I have transferred to a new free web hosting site ( which I think is far better than my previous host in terms of file management and other stuff) , simply because Geocities have stopped its free hosting services. The site is still far being complete because I am still uploading all the fan art and other stuff. Internet explorer users might also experice some minor error on some image alignment which I am still trying to figure out. But if you are using firefox as your browser, you will be just fine.

For those of you reading this that owns a site/blog that has the old link. I would very much appreciate it if you change it to this new one ->

Thank you very much.

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Jaybee said...

ayossssss!!!! lalung gumanda Sir Gio! astig!