Tuesday, December 15, 2009

BJ Penn is just Awesome

I just finished watching UFC 107, "The Prodigy" BJ Penn VS Diego "The (not so) Nightmare" Sanchez. And man, what a fight. BJ Penn was cool as ice from beginning to end. While Diego was all show (with that yesss.. yesss thing during his intro walk to the ring) and could not live up to all what he said about BJ. He said he was going to do this ... and do that. But in the octagon, it was noticeable that BJ Penn dominated him from start to finish. His angry/crazy look could not do anything to hurt his opponent either. And it is kinda over acting if you ask me.

At the begging of round 1, I jumped from my seat and said a tagalog cursing word out loud as I saw Diego got hit by a serious right punch from BJ and he was knock down. I thought it was going to be a quick fight when Diego hits the canvas by the powerful and accurate punches of BJ. But to Diegos credit, he recovered and proved that he has a though chin and still has a lot of gas.

In a way, I was happy that it did not ended quickly in round 1. I wanted BJ to punish him more (sorry Diego fans). And boy what a punishment BJ gave to Diego. While the Prodigy came out of the fight almost unhurt. Diegos face was all bruised, bloody cut lips and soo beaten up body. But the most noticable damage was the BIG cut on his left forehead (about 3 inches if I am not mistaken) caused by a nasty right kick by BJ. His cut was like a broken pipe flowing with blood. It was so nasty that the doctor decided to stop the fight in the last minute of round 5. After this fight, the pretty boy Diego is not so pretty anymore.

From round 1 to round 5. All attempts of Diego to take down BJ was useless. Every attempts came with a punishment from BJ's fist and elbows while they were on the fense. Diego was just out classed.

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