Monday, December 14, 2009

A busy December

It is a surprisingly busy week for me. I am more busy than I usually am with my day time job as a Analyst/Programmer. Our company had expanded our branches to a total of 110 and still counting while other 5 more branches are still under construction and would probably be opening early next year. With this, my responsibility as the head of the IT department had also grown exponentially. I have a few people that are now working under me. And looks up to me as their leader. Which sometimes I am not very comfortable with.

I could still remember when our company was so small and our old office in Kamias was so cramped and we only had 20 branches or so when I have joined the company almost 8 years ago. I guess a growing company has its pros and cons. Both for the employee and employer stand point that we should try to live with.

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