Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Hero Nation

Last Nov. 30,2009.... I attended Hero nation. It was produced by Hero Channel (a local cable company). Omeng Estanislao and Gener Pedrina both working at ABS-CBN knows some people that have provided us a free pass and a free table to sell our comics and stuff.

Me with Omeng Estanislao. He has this cool top of the line Nikon digital camera. Ingit ako :-(

During the event, Kajo (of Trese) dropped by our table. Afterwords he went on to the Hero tarpaulin sketch wall and started drawing. It is actually a wall specially designed for sketching. The Hero organizers even provided the markers for it. Gener immediately joined him. And after seeing that they were drawing their respective characters, I got envious and joined them also. And then before we knew it. Lots of people were looking at the three of us sketching on the wall.

Kajo with Trese and Kambal. Too bad I forgot to take a picture with him for a remembrance. Sayang... :-( While sketching, Kajo said to me that this is a great example of a free advertisement. :-)

And during this sketching time, we did not noticed that one of the host of Hero TV was already at our backs, together with the camera crew and every thing. And before I knew it, he was already interviewing me in front of the camera with all of the peoples eyes are n me. And the giant projector view screen also added nervousness during the interview. It was an excellent opportunity for me as the host asked who was I drawing. And after explaining that it is a character of a comics that I have. He was very surprised and he also asked me where people could buy my comics. Badabing badaboom. Kajo was right. It was definitely a free advertising. :D

One of the most memorable person that I have meet during the event is VJ Andrei (I hope I got his name right, I only asked Gener of his name). He is a Hero TV host/reporter/MTV VJ. I only recognize him by face when I sometimes pass through the MYX channel.

He was really into my comics. He keeps coming back at our table even if he was taping a segment with his camera crew. He bought many of my comics and even they were taping, I have seen him reading issue #1 of Kalayaan already. :D He then came back to me and asked me so many questions. Who is Rhea? How saw the genetic enhancement of Kalayaan? Does he have any weaknesses? and many more. He was so makulit in a very very positive way. It only shows his interest in the story of my comics. And that is a comic book reader that I would like to have . On the back of my mind. Wait until you read issue #4. It will blow your mind, hehe.

Okay, I completely lost all of my dignity by showing you this. I got this Rey Mysterio mask from Omeng. It is actually an imported mask directly from Mexico. One of this office mate once went there and got it for him. Bagay ba? :-)

At this point of time, we totally lost it because of fatigue. We were like the three stoogist. Astroboy got the better of all of us. :-)


Jun Pamintuan said...

Sayang, hindi ako nakapunta, nakita ko pa naman si Sir Gio nung umaga habang papunta sya dun sa event. Next time aabsent talaga ko para makapunta. hehe.

Gio Paredes said...

Wag kang aabsent Jun. Magagalit sa akin si boss Sandy hehehe. Ako sisisihin nun pag umabsent ka sa work mo.. hehehe.

markus said...

Galing nitong last picture ah. Naaliw ako ke Ner. Haha!

monsanto said...

Congrats guys! Di na nako nakapunta, exam week ni Kyle eh. Review time :) Saka dami pa rin deadlines. Sayang pero at least nandun kayo Go BK!

Anonymous said...

That's VJ Andrei Felix. He's also a sports anchor in the NCAA/UAAP and once linked to Jennilyn Mercado :-)


Gio Paredes said...

@Markus ... Akala ko lolokohin mo ako sa suot kong Mask.

@Monsanto... Mas maganda ang benta namin nina Gener dito compared to Mangaholix. :D

@Vince ... Thank you very much for clearing that up.