Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My first rant this year

Don’t you really hate it, if someone that you do not know personally suddenly approaches you and start telling you what to do on the things that you are doing for many years now. And what is more irritating is that this person is inexperience (or does not have any experience at all) than you. It is like a farmer teaching a baker how to bake.

I am not just aiming this on a single person. For many years, I have encountered many people like this, telling me on what I should do. It is offending and irritating at the same time. And just recently, I have received another one of this comment on how to run my business. But in fairness, he said that it was not meant to offend me. Well you know what dude? too late for that.

I know that you draw way better than me. But come on… if you are so better than me, how come you have not published any comics yet? Still waiting for that opportunity that probably would never come? You will grow old and die and you will still be waiting for nothing. Just like one of my mentor would say 'Make your own opportunity' . Many people just thinks that they know it all. Giving me advices that I do not need. Matagal ko nang naisip yung sinasabi mo sa akin.

I do accept that I still much more to learn. That is why I have many mentors. Mentors in comics, mentors in business, mentor in religion and many more. They are the one who had gone in distance way before me in their own fields. When I do encounter a problem, I would seek out their advices. I am not an idiot that would get a suggestion from a person that I just met on the streets.

Sorry about this rant guys. I am just blowing off some steam. I had a bad day yesterday that is totally unrelated to comics or my daytime work as a programmer. Please to not ask me what.


macoy said...

wag mo na problemahin mga yan, tol. ebriwansa kritik.

Gio Paredes said...

Medyo ok na ako ngayon Macoy. Thanks for dropping by.

Jaybee said...

papa Gio, maraming tao eh mali lang ang nakikita. nature na siguro natin yan. yaan mo na sila, basta ako lab kita papa. hehehe

Gio Paredes said...

Thanks Jaybee.. :-)