Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kalayaan Chibi Pendant

It's sure is nice to have many friends. Specially as talented as Omeng Estanislao. Check out this new Kalayaan Chibi pendant he just made for me. And what is more amazing about this is the actual size is just 1"x 1.5" inch. Can you imagine that? It really takes alot of patience and steady hands to do this.

When we (Me and Omeng) were at Hero Nation last November. He told me that he already almost finished doing this way back in September. It was just tragic that it was destroyed during the Ondoy flood. But he promised me that he will make me another one. And here it is.

I am very much thankful (and a little bit shy) to Omeng for re-doing this for me. So please to check his site you will see lots of cool stuff like this Super Dog (based on Funny Komiks) and Kulas.

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