Monday, August 16, 2010

Series of Unfortunate Events

I was so late arriving at our office today (you just won't believe how late I was) because I slept around 3am last night(or should I say morning). I was up late because I was printing many covers, and to my dismay, my printer just broke. Good thing that I have already printed the cover of Kalayaan #10 a few days ago. I really felt bad that I could not print other covers that has been assigned to me by my fellow Bayan Knights.

The last page of Kalayaan #10 is almost complete. I am just Inking the last panel. I also need to layout and letter 3 pages of it. I hope I can finish it tonight.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will be going to a client in Kalaw (Manila) that I had an exchange of unpleasant words a week ago. I will try to be professional enough to finish their 'Invoicing System' so that I can leave early to finish stapling and packaging Kalayaan #10. That is, if I can wake up early and photocopy the pages at U.P. shopping center on the same day.

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