Friday, October 01, 2010

Kalayaan #3 is ready to go

I have just sent all pages of Kalayaan #3 to my publisher abroad to be printed and distributed in America. There have been quite a delay of printing of issue 3 because of some personal matter that my publisher needed to attended to. She emailed me a few months ago telling me that she was in Manila because of her father got sick and was rushed to the hospital. I was a little bit concerned because I know the exact feeling when my 76 year old father was rushed to a hospital because of his prostate almost a year ago. Good thing my father had totally recovered from that ordeal.

I was then saddened by an email of my publisher just few days ago telling me that her father just passed away. I also felt bad about my self after knowing about it because for the past weeks, I was much more concerned on how delayed of the printing of issue #3 was. I really did not want to impose my self on her by asking her over and over again so I just simply eagerly waited for her email reply. Now that I have learned that her ailing father just died, I felt really guilty. At first, I never knew that it was that serious. I said to my self that her father will recover just like my father. I guess that I was wrong. And It only goes to show that life is such a fragile thing.

While issue #3 is being ready to be printed and distributed abroad, I'm already starting on the pages of issue #11. I have finally finished the script (thank GOD), Putting the flat colors of the cover and Inking page 1.

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