Monday, October 25, 2010

PICCA aftershock

The first day of PICCA was very fruitful for me. I have met many people that would help me boost the visibility of my comics and my character. There was a radio DJ that took my number and said that I would be guesting in their radio show to promote my comics. There were an iPhone game developer that was interested in developing a game for my character. There is also a group that is interested in making my comics into a motion comics. These are all fun, but I always keep my expectation very low. I really do not expect hearing from them again, but if I do, that would be awesome.
Also on the first day, I have met in person Mr. John Lent. He is such a mild mannered man, a very soft spoken guy. On this picture there were actually 4 camera men taking the picture. So as you can see, Mr. Lent is looking at the other camera while I was looking at Macoy (the one who took this shot, thanks Macoy :D). He did not bought any of my comics but it was still an honor meeting him.

I also met Stanley Chi, A comedian/TV host and who also happens to be a cartoonist and has a series entitled 'Chopsticks'. He took a video interview with me,Gilbert and Levy for his TV show. Medyo na windang nga lang ako sa mga tanong nya. Ano raw ang paborito kong Anime at kung pwede ko raw kantahin yung Japanese intro song. Sa isip sip ko, pag drawingin mo na lang ako at wag mo na akong pakantahing in front of a camera. At eto pa ang matinding tanong.....tinanong nya, "Kilala mo ba si Maria Osawa?". Sabi ko .... "Syempre, sikat na celebrity yun eh." hehehehe.

This is the sacred mountain table together with Levy and Gilbert Monsanto.


I did not make it to the 2nd day of PICCA as much as I want to. My old ulcer illness suddenly came back. I threw up many times at our house. My body was rejecting any food that I eat. My stomach ache was excruciating that I was bed ridden most of the day. I have only eaten water and crackers most of the day.

But the good news is, on this day, I have received via email, the reference number of the BDO (Banco de Oro) remittance of Forex (my publisher abroad). It is the payment for the royalty fee for Kalayaan #3 that is soon to be release abroad. Yeheyyyyyyy :D.


My body felt much better on Sunday. There were a little stomach ache at I feel, but compared yesterday, this one is much mild so I decided I would go to the PICCA event.

The 3rd day(Sunday) of PICCA was the most profitable for me. Issue #1,2,5 and 7 got sold out (that was a first time for me). I was also very surprised that two individual took a set (from issue #1 to #10) of my comics. I was actually expecting that I will not sell anything because of what Jon Zamar said that Saturday was a very slow day for every one selling their comics. He also told me that the rest of the Bayan Knights was not coming back on that day because of the low sales of Saturday. I was so glad that was not the case on the 3rd day.

I have met Mr. John Lent again and this time he bought my comics together with and issue of Boy Ipis. Thanks Mr. Lent :-)

My seatmate on the 3rd day was non other than the creator of Boy Ipis... Mike Ignacio who also sold pretty well that day.

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