Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A comics fan

I have been self publishing my own comics since June of 2007. And until now, I am still not comfortable to call a comics reader that likes my comic 'my fans'. I'm still looking for a word substitute for it. One particular person that would fall in this category is J.A. Gatula (AKA Originalnameless in D.A.) . I am very happy that person would make a fan art of KALAYAAN, but this guy did not make one, not two but FIVE (5) fan art, and two of them even has colors. I am so happy that more people like him are popping up out of nowhere. :D

Kalayaan VS. Dino (Son of Zuma)
(click the image to enlarge)

Kalayaan VS. Captain Marvel

An angry hero on the Sky.

Floating Pinoy Superhero

A mock-up Kalayaan cover.

In his latest message, he was thanking me because I was giving an attention to a humble fan like him. Little that he know, it is the other way around. Comics creator like me is very much happy every time a comics reader took notice of us. With ...that let me just end this post with a BIG THANK YOU to all people that had been noticing my work. :-)

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