Thursday, September 08, 2011

Kalayaan #0 is now ready

These are the copies of Kalayaan #0 that I have already made. This will be available on October 22 at the GTMACCon event in SM San Lazaro. I will sell this all B/W version for ONLY P10 a copy. Yes, that's right, I'm sticking with the P10 a copy that I have previously said in this blog. So there is no more excuses like "Wala na po akong pera" this time around. I think it is pretty much safe to say that almost everybody (and I mean everybody, including beggars and the most poorest of the poor) has a P10 on their pocket right now. So this comics is very much affordable even to those money conscious people out there.

Aside from this, I am still looking for ways to print a 1,000 copies with a full colored cover with b/w internal pages. The only thing that's been stopping me to do so, is gathering the funds. If thing goes well, once it is printed. I will sell that colored version around P20. Even twice the selling price of the b/w version, it is still very much affordable.

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