Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thank you Sputnik

Thank you very much Chez of Sputnik for making our signing a complete success. I have sold plenty of Kalayaan Vol.1 and I just had a good time being with the guys there.

Patrict Rawwrr Enrique wanted a sketch on his copy of Kalayaan Vol.1. The very first buyer at the time. :-)

Omeng Estanislao also went to the event together with his girlfriend and bought a copy.

Thanks to Macoy for buying Kalayaan Vol.1. Kailan lalabas ang Shool Run #5 hehehe more pressure. :-)
With Michael David. Had a little accident on his left hand during the event. I hope that it gets better, and thanks for the support on my book man.

With Adam David, saluting after buying my book.
Jammed Packed.

With the WIP (Work In Progress) guys. Hub Pacheco and Teddy Pavon.

Teddy Pavon, Hub Pacheco, Chez Santander,Me and Macoy.

Thank you very much Chez and Sputnik for the memorable time. I hope we could do this again in the future. I had a lot of fun. :-)

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