Monday, February 12, 2007

Why Manny, Why?

 As I was preparing to go to office this morning, when I saw the most bizarre thing that I could imagine on a Philippine morning TV news interview. Manny Pacquiao is RUNNING for a government office. At first, he was saying he hasn’t decided yet. As I listened more. He said that he hasn’t decided yet if he would run for MAYOR or CONGRESSMAN???!!!

Ohhhh my Gulay.
Shigabay golly wow.
Hooooly politics Batman.
By the power of Grey Skull!!!!
Baket pare ko. Baket? (Why Manny, why?)

Let me just digest this for a few second and as I catch my breath…
Don’t get me wrong folks, I am a BIG fan of Manny Pacquiao. I have been cheering for him for about 9 to 10 years now. I have been watching him in blow by blow in channel 9 even when he was starting at a very early age. He had made many bad decisions in the past, but I just let it go like choosing a bad manager, signing two contract from two rival company at the same. But I said hey, that ok, maybe in the future he would learn better.

But those are peanuts compared to this one. And even more disturbing, he said that, even if he wins for Mayor or Congressman he will not stop fighting in the ring!!!
He will still continue his career as a boxers and perform many fight as he can!!?
What? A Mayor / Congressman boxer?

He has been very versatile with his career. He has been an Action Star, Commercial/ Product endorser Icon and even pursues his interest in music and creates an album and becomes a Singer. Those I can accept, but politics???? I really don’t know.

Maybe if he waited a little while, he could run on a lower office when he is retire from his boxing career. Maybe, just maybe. He would have less criticism and negative feed back from many people.

I’m also very afraid for him that he would loose all of his money. Coz I know how much money flies during and before elections. My mother was one of a campaign assistant in the old days. Even though how much money you have, every thing goes during campaign. And lots and lots of people will take advantage of him. And not to mention loosing your very own life. Many corrupt politician will not think twice on killing their political opponent who ever they are, just to remain in power.

If he really wants to help other people. There are so many ways to do that without going to politics.

I only hope that he would still change his mind and not to run for office.

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