Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Star Trek XI

Many of my friends does not know that I'm a StarTrek die-hard fan. A Trekkie if you will. I must have the most Star Trek episode in my possession that any person that I know.

I did not share this passion with other persons that I know since they are more interested in something else. Besides they would not get what I mean when I tell them about bio-neuro circuitry gelpacks, tackion fields and neutrino particles. One time I tried, but he just looked at me like a weird scientist while his jaw was way down on his face.

Anyway, the new Star Trek movie is now in production with a tentative release date in December 2008, its way way long time to wait. but at lease paramount is having initiative to revive the Star Trek Universe again after canceling the fourth season of Star Trek Enterprise.

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Gio Paredes said...

I Just went to your blog. Ang ganda, reminds me of the old days. I will add it to my links.

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