Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ultimate Avengers

A friend of mine came to our house last weekend. He was carrying 2 DVDs with him. And to my surprise, It's an Ultimate Avenger Movie 1 and 2 which was released last year. I was exited and surprise at the same time coz to tell it frankly, I did not know that there were an Ultimate Avenger Movie. I was only aware of the comics but not an animation film. And I only know about the recently released Invincible Ironman, but not the Avengers.

I was stunned by the two films. The animation was very clean and the movement of the characters (specially during battle scene) are amazing. For the longest time now, I was getting worried that Marvel are being left-off and stamped by DC when it comes to animation. With their Superman, Justice League Unlimited and The Batman series I was saying Marvel is getting a little bit left behind on animation here. But when I saw the Ultimate Avengers I said to my self, sooo this is what they are up too. And They really come back hard on this one.

I ask my friend, If I could borrow the two DVDs for a while so I can watch it again. It's a good thing that he agree. Coz I really don't want to beg him for it. :)

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