Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boom - He did it again

I just have just watched the recently concluded "Battle of Cebu". And all of it, My favorite was the fight of Rey "Boom boom" Bautista against the Mexican Marino Montiel Gonzalez. I realy think that is guy is the 2nd Many Pacquiao. With an age of only 20, he is already a title holder. And with an impressive record of 22 wins, 0 Loss, 0 draw, 17 K.O. This guy is next Philippine boxing superstar.

I also liked the fight of
Z 'The Dream' Gorres V.S.
Fernando Montiel of Mexico. Even thoe Z did not win, it was still a great fight. That Mexican fighter is a one though son of a beeeeeep. I realy like him. He received many solid punches from Gorrez but was not staggard at anytime. He was super strong, lots of stamina and a power punch to match. Gorrez is a tactical fighter and loose gas on about the end of the fight. He was constantly hugging Montiel on round 11 and 12(the last one) . I was a little bit disappointed with the scoring of the judges. It was clearly on the 1st to 10th round, Gorrez landed many many solid punches. He was way ahead in score (at lease in my count) with even the 2 points deduction. Which also deducted immediately by the referee which I think he should have given a warning first before it was deducted.

Bert Batawang was also very very impressive when knocked down Indonesia's Sofyan Efendi twice in the fourth round to score an impressive TKO win at the 2:12 mark. An old guy (Bert at 35 years old) kicking the butt out of junior (Efendi at only 19 years of age)

Jimrex Jaca also won against the monkey style of Simson Butar-Butar from Indonesia. Which I think that the gaming commission should check if this guy is on drugs, coz it seams that he does not care about the title belt that he is defending. He is also kinda show off which pissed me off. It was a disapointing win for me coz it looks to me like Jimrex just tripped him on purpose and Butar-butar was just too high to get up. He wasn't tire at all coz I was him leaving the ring running towards the locker room. He was just wasn't interested on the fight.

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merjoem32 said...

Bautista showed some toughness in his fight against Medina. However, he needs to get tougher as Ponce de Leon is a murderous puncher. I hope he wins for the glory of Pinoy boxing and his country.