Saturday, January 03, 2009

Going Away

Office mate friends that are saying good bye.

Two of my officemates are leaving our company and our country to join their respective husband abroad. One in New York and one in Canada. Both I will never forget in my life since they are a few nice person that I have come to meet with.

Nida.... off to Los Angeles.

She is a real Kikay. She and I always having our laughs every time we talk. I could not remember a time that we had any argument on something or having any “Tampuhan” or “Galit” with each other for the past many many years that we know each other. I hope next time me meet, we would be less heavier that we are now...he he he.

Wella... off to Canada

She is one of the most humble person I know. Even there are times that I am a little bit cranky, she will humbly calm me down and she will stick with finding the solution to our problem. A very intelligent person, since she always get what I am instructing her with only one teaching. I am sometimes a little bit nervous because I know that the person that will replace her position will not be as smart as she is. Thus making our office operation at risk. I only hope the the person(s) that will replace her will be patient enough and will to learn enough on the things that I am going to teach her.

I will surely miss talking to them and seeing them around.


Hoy Wella, mag comment ka naman dito sa blog ko. Alam kong nag babasa ka nito. Kaya mag comment ka na dito at wag ka nang mahiya.. Sayang lang pag senti ko dito.. :D



Pssst...wag ka naman ganyan nabuko tuloy ako na nagbabasa ako palagi ng BLOG mo :-) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Ang taba ko na sa litrato..di bale pagdating ko dun sexy na ako uli....magpapayat na naman ako, sundin ko payo mo kakain palagi pero pa konti konti lang para di magka ulcer..

Gio wag ka mag alala....bata pa lang si che che pero magaling din yon matatakutin lang pero maaasahan mo same with Cindy. LOOK * SEE = SIGHT , what a geeez? miss KO KAYONG LAHAT!!!!

Gio Paredes said...

Oo nga, ang tataba natin. Pag balik mo sana sexy na tayo... :D