Saturday, March 07, 2009

Francis M. is Dead

Yes, it is true. Francis Magalona, the master rapper had just passed away. At first, I did not believe it because I thought it was just a gossip. Because I often visit his blog and he guessed one time at Eat Bulaga, I thought that his condition is already doing well and he is already coming back to Eat Bulaga very soon permanently.

He is without a dought, one of the most talented artist in the Philippines. His songs can compete internationally anytime if you ask me. Growing up on my teens in the 90's, it is undeniable that I am one of his legions of fans. I still remember that I could memorize ALL of his rap songs together with the songs of Andrew E., which is also one of my favorite rapper. When there was a "happy battle" between Rock Metal and Hip-hip. I always say that am with the hip-hop.

R.I.P. master rapper.
You will surely be missed.

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