Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm on a book

Last Jan. 19,2009 at McDonald's El Pueblo branch in Ortigas, I was interviewed by a group of P.U.P. students together with Gener and Wan. They are working on their thesis about "The Current Perspectives in the Philippine Komiks Industry". I was very much happy to accommodate them since I am also a graduate of the same school.

And just last March 16, Monday, I got a copy of their Thesis/Book. And I might say that I am very much impress. I can see the pain staking details that they have done. They have meticulously put together a very consized report on a subject matter. They have even transcribed all of their interviews with other publishers, artist and writers. When I did my thesis in my collage days, it does not comes near to what they have done. Good work guys.

This is one heavy and very thick book. And I just love reading it because I could read the other people in the industry is thinking. People like KC Cordero, Carlo Vergara, John Becaro, Hazel Manzano and many others.

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