Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kalayaan on Facebook

Kalayaan comics is now on facebook. I was very surprised with I received a notification from facebook saying that Juan Carlos Villaverde just made me an administrator of a Kalayaan facebook page. Wow, a very own fan page for my comics. I have just met Juan Carlos in facebook who is an obvious follower of my comics. So all the credits on making this Kalayaan facebook account all goes towards him.

I often now sit back and smile, while thinking about more and more people like Juan Carlos, Randy Albert (who created the Kalayaan action figure) and Mark Rosario (who is a long time supporter) are starting to pop up. Just like other people, I also have problems and I often get stressed out in the office, and recently I had a rejection from a book store that I have passed a comic sample. But these people (I realy hesitate calling them fans, nahihiya kasi ako), keeps me going no matter how depressed I become. As long as they are there, I am happy. :-)


Markus said...

We've got your back covered, man. We believe in what you do! :)

Gio Paredes said...

Thanks Markus, I know I could count on you.