Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Media me

Thank you very much to Macoy for sending me these pictures of me being interviewed by the Net 25 people during the Renaissance event in Megamall last Feb. 21. When I was sketching for a fan during the early hours of the event. I was very surprised when a camera with people holding a microphone started filming me. It was uneasy at first, but when the nice people had introduced them selves and start asking questions about comics and other stuff. It was smooth sailing and kind of natural thing for me. It's just like having an ordinary conversation.

The interview took about 20 to 25 minutes to finish. It was a little bit longer than I expected. Too bad I forgot to ask when it was going to be aired.

For more pictures of the Renaissence, please go to these sites

A few months ago, I was also interviewed by Cheska Garcia and Allen Pena. Nope, not the actress. But a student from Far Eastern University (FEU) with a similar name. They were doing their thesis that has something to do with nationalism and arts. When I saw this picture above in facebook, I was a little bit shy for being shown on a big slide show projector.

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