Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A sad day for Kevin

Kevin Yue is my favorite contestant from day one. I am so sad for him because he was recently voted out of The Biggest Loser Asia. And I am also very angry at the former blue team. Specially to David because of his arrogant remarks during the elimination table. Carlo is right when he said to David that he will vote a fellow blue team eventually.

All of the former blue team just DO NOT HAVE ANY HEART.

Just by looking at all of the contestant, it is very obvious that Kevin is the one that really needs to be there because he has so much more body fat to loose. He simply needed more to be there compared to Martha.

Carlo Miguel is the last Filipino and the last former Red Team in the game. I really hope the he wins this all the way. Just like Kevin had said to Carlo "Bring hope the bacon".

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