Friday, February 05, 2010

Mock Election

I really commend the commission on election for having a mock election today on some parts of the metro manila. There were a lot of hiccups during the process today which is very much expected on any transition. Being a computer programmer, I had a lot of experiences about this. Most of my clients on my younger days as a programmer had to have a transition from manual (Inventory,accounting or payroll... etc.) to computerized. And those transition took many months, some others even years. So when the comelect have announced that the next election would be computerized. I was very thrilled and a little sceptical. But I know that this is the way to go. There is no turning back from technology. I am sick and tired of manual counting that took months to find out who would be the next president. And during those months of manual counting. Most of us know that there is a 'dag-dag bawas' being done.

But having a computerized election would also present many problems. And one of them is trying to familiar the majority of the people who are mostly computer illiterate to use a computerized automated voting system. So I am very much happy that today, they have conducted a mock election. I hope that everybody would learn from today's experiences and try to correct those mistakes when the time comes to do the real thing.

I also hope that there would be another mock election on a much wider scale before the May election. And I hope that they would announce it so that more people would be familiar with the system. For this is very crucial to eliminate more of the mistakes.

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Anonymous said...

I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our society, and I am fairly certain that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further develops, the possibility of transferring our memories onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's a fantasy that I daydream about every once in a while.

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