Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Lope P. Calalang
September 25,1931 - April 3,2010

Condolence to the Calalang family. Lope Calalang is actually the father of Rhea Yvette Calalang or 'Tetet' as I call her. Tetet is actually the person that I based my character Rhea Calalang (the geneticist) which created project Kalayaan. Tetet and I were classmate on most of our elementary years. Her mom also happens to be our elementary English teacher. Being a teacher as her mom, you could already imagine that she is a very intelligent person. She was actually the perfect reference for my character in my comics. Beautiful, very smart and very Cranky. Well actually she was nice to everybody except for me. She is always angry at me, but with good reasons. Because I always tease her in every chance I get, hehehe. I will tell you why in a moment.

We have lost contact when I transferred to another school after graduation from elementary. But in recent months, through the power of technology and Facebook. We have been re-acquainted. I was actually looking for her. To tell her that I have used her name for a fictional character in my comics. She was actually delighted when she found out. She even teased me that I used her name because she said that I had a big crush on her when we were kids. HAAAAAhhhhh, yeah right.... ubo ubo ubo.. actually, she is dead on accurate. Remember when I told you that I used to tease her every chance I get? Well ..... because that is my way for her to notice me (KSP for short). Come on guys, I was only 9 or 10 years old back then. Give me a break here okay. :D Besides, she is drop dead gorgeous and (without any exaggeration) an Ana Roses look alike back then.

I was very surprised yesterday when I saw the news of her father passed away.

I went to Loyola Chapel in Guadalupe last night to give respect to her Dad. It was relatively near to our office so I decided to go there. Too bad Tetet was not yet there when I arrived. But it was good to see her mom, my old elementary teacher. Her mom has very good memory because even with her old age, she still remembers me. I have really felt the sadness of their entire family. I could not help my self on thinking if I was in their position. That is why I thank GOD in every chance I get for the health of my father. There are times that I worry about him.

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