Friday, April 16, 2010

Komikon is tomorrow

Every thing is ready to go for tomorrows Komikon event. I am very much excited to get a copy of Bayan Knights #4. I hope many people would come on tomorrows event so that many indie creator would have many sales on their comics.

The event will start at 10am, but I plan to be there on or before 9am to have a good position on the indie tiange table. There will be also an air time dedicated for Bayan Knights, where we will be going up on stage to talk. I am still a little bit reluctant on participating with this because I am still not that comfortable talking to a huge group of people.

I hope that I could sell a lot of comics, because I want to buy a lot of comics. So bring your friends, relatives, love ones or even hated ones.. hehehe

See you all there guys.

Thank you very much to Danny Barrameda for featuring me and the latest of Kalayaan comics to his blog He also featured many indie titles there that is also going to be sold tomorrow.

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