Thursday, April 01, 2010

First Day

Today is the first day of the month. First of all, be careful every one to those pranksters out there with this April fools day thing. :D

Second I would like to say happy birthday to Gilbert Monsanto. The fearsome leader of Bayan Knights. Happy Birthday Sarge, mag pa burger ka naman next time na pag kikita natin. :D

It is also my first day of solitude in our house. My wife and kids went to my in laws and will be spending the entire week there. I am home alone, eat you heart out Macaulay Culkin. Ever since I was a kid growing up. I have been a loner. I am very much comfortable with it because I could think more clearly and I just simply like the peace of mind once in a while. Speaking of peace of mind. Because of no distraction here at the house. I have just finished page 21 of Kalayaan #9. Complete pencil and ink. Only 6 more pages to go.

And as a preview of Kalayaan 9. Here is page 20 which is a little interesting because I have added the character of a fellow indie comics creator. Macoy's Jholeebird had a cameo apperance in the first and last panel. I hope you likes it Macoy :D


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Gio Paredes said...

@Macoy... based upon that reaction. I am guessing that you liked it. hehehe :D