Sunday, July 11, 2010

Basketball in U.P. Bliss

For three weeks in a row now, every Sunday afternoon. Me and my fellow Bayan Knights friends have been playing basketball in U.P. Bliss. My personal goal of doing this is for my body to be in shape and good health.

I arrived at Jollibee Philcoa at 2PM in the afternoon. An hour earlier than our Assembly time at 3PM. I really did this on purpose because I wanted to draw a page of Kalayaan #10. Speaking of which, I already have finished 9 pages of this issue(pencilled, inked and lettered) . Only 10 more pages to go before my deadline in Aug 21.

This weeks attendees for this basketball session are Jon Zamar, Omi Remalante (the Birthday boy), Erico Calimlim, Myke Guisinga, Renie Palo and Robin Rivero as our cheer leader. Here are the videos that I got for our basketball escapade. :D

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