Monday, July 26, 2010

Comics Update

As of this writing, there are only 6 more pages to be drawn for Kalayaan #10. I wish that I could post more preview here, but I do not want to make any spoilers. Most of the pages that I have finished are self explanatory. You could easily get the the story content just by looking at the pages.

Me and the BK boys (Bayan Knights not Bakal boys :D) are playing basketball almost every Sunday at UP bliss. So any of you interested, you can come every Sunday 4PM at Jollibee Philcoa. I think Jon Zamar is planning to make a 'Pinoy Komiks Basketball League'. I really hope that it would push through.

After every game, we hangout at any Philcoa restaurant to discuss many things. Most of it is about our individual comics projects, and some are collaborative works together. I really like it to hang around with these guys because we could have exchange on ideas.

This coming Sunday I might come early (probably 2PM) to finish some pages. I hope many more comics people could join us.

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