Saturday, November 06, 2010

Cyfer Profile

Real Name : Ryan Calalang
Height : 5’7” (without Armor), 5’10” (with Armor )
First Appearance : Kalayaan #4

Cyfer is the younger brother of Rhea Calalang (the genetic engineer/scientist that had created Kalayaan). Cyfer does not have any super powers, but what he lack on that area, he makes up in Computers, Electronics and Robotics. In a nut shell, he is a Tech-Genius.
As a young boy, he has discovered that he has the capability to understand things that seams very hard to comprehend by a normal ordinary people. He could reverse engineer computer programs easily. He could Cypher and Decypher codes that has a strong encryption algorithm that could take MIT students years to crack. Thus he got the name Cyfer.

When Cyfer was constantly being accelerated by all of the advance school in the Philippines that he is attending. His parents decided to send him to Japan to continue his studies. He later on returned to the Philippines when his parents was killed due to a kidnapping incident. Both Rhea and Cyfer was depressed because of this tragedy. While Rhea started his research for ‘Project Kalayaan ’, Cyfer decided to return to Japan because their place reminds him too much of their parents.

While in Japan, Cyfer maintains a constant communication with Rhea through the Internet. Cyfer even helps her sister with ‘Project Kalayaan’ by designing and making the Kalayaan Armor and its Nano Technology.

When Cyfer founds out from his sister that their house exploded due to a sabotage by Vorgon. He decided to went back to the Philippines for good, to help Rhea rebuild their house and safe guard his sister for other future threats.

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