Thursday, November 11, 2010

My First Radio Interview

First of all, I want to thank every body in Sonshine radio for giving me an opportunity to guest in their show. Everyone was so accommodating, and very kind. I was very impressed on their equipment, aside from their broadcast on 1026 AM radio. They also have a studio camera that is streaming live on their website. That is why there is a word "TV" on their name "Sonshine TV Radyo". There is also this computer just beside the host that is constantly receiving all the Text Messages that was coming from their listeners on real time.

They were also kind enough to give me a copy of the entire interview on an MP3 format. So for those that have not listened to the show yesterday. You can download it here (to download the file, right click the link and choose the "save link as" option ). It is a 27MB file download and about 29 minutes long.

I really enjoyed the entire conversation with host of the show. I hope that I would have another chance to do this kind of thing again in the near future.


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