Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More pictures from Komikon 2010

Here are some of the pictures that I have gathered during Komikon 2010.

I arrived at the gate of Starmall Edsa around 5 minutes before 10Am. Kai Castillo (Patintero Komiks) greeted me there. He is also the winner of the 'Bayan Knights Recruitment Contest' with his entry entitled 'Maestro'.

Komiks veteran Mr. Danny Acuna was at the gate too, waiting for the doors of the Mall to open. Mr. Daddy is one of the kindest komiks veteran that I have met. He even gave me his comics for free on the last PICCA. It is always a pleasure to see him.

When the door opened, we went straight to the Komikon place. And just about less than a minute. There were already a longgggg line at the Komikon entrance. Since I'm with Sulyap, I was in the guest list. I went on and pass through without waiting in line for almost an hour. This is one of the benefits of being part of Sulyap. :D

This was taken by Omeng. Sabi nya drawing daw kami ni Macoy, kunyari hindi namin alam na kinukunan kami. :-)

Since I was part of Sulyap, me and the other contributor had a separate table designated for us. And the table was very spacious. Ang luwang :-), another benefits of being part of the Sulyap.

My seatmates once again was Omeng and Macoy.

wants YOU. :-)

Another with us on the SULYAP table was Maika Ezawa(Meganon Komiks) and Mel Casipit (Baboy, Dog Style and MLU).

I was very surprised on the numbers of Sulyap that had been sold. It was a total success. Most of the time, I was signing the Sulyap book. The ordinary price is P250, but during the event, the first 100 buyer would only get it for only P150. And those first 100 copies immediately got sold out only around 1PM. And I think they had another 100 copies for the price of P200. Thank you so much for every one who had bought a copy.

Randy Albert was there too. He is the one who made this Kalayaan action figure. He also the one who took this shot. Ang ganda ng camera nya, high end model. Bigla akong na ingit.

And speaking of action figure. Here are the Bayan Knights custom action figure. The Kalayaan, Pag-Asa and Boy Ipis was created by Randy Albert. Maso and Maharlika (the white one at the back) was created by Ramil Ibay.

Me and the Sulyap contributors was invited to go on stage and be interviewed and to answer some questions from the audience.

One of the Komikon guy cosplayed the character of Omeng in his comics 'LIPAD'.

And speacking of cosplay, this is Omi Remalante, Jr. as 'Talim' (left) and Levy Ramirez as Kilabot (right). Both member of Bayan Knights cosplaying their respective characters. Omi also had just released his first self published comics 'TALIM' in the event. Congrats pare. :D

Picture taking with the beautiful ate Robin again. :-)

The 6th Komikon was a success, no dought about it. There were so many people went there that it became hot in the after noon. People was so eager to read the comics they had just bought that they decided to sit down and read it on the event as you can see the picture above.

Thank you very much to all those who came to the 6th Komikon event. And thank you very much for supporting the Filipino comics.

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