Thursday, November 04, 2010

My reaction after reading Invincible 75

This is my reaction after reading Invincible #75. Hol#$% Mother Father. BEEEEEP is DEAD. And the great BEEEEEP is DEAD as well. He ripped his F@$%*# head off, and after that, he squeesed it with his bear hands. This Emperor is one @#%^&* BAD ASS. I am guessing that many smart ass Invincible readers from now on will refrain from calling him a Freddy Mercury look alike.

After an agonizing long wait for the latest release of Invincible. Comic Odyssey finally text me this morining, telling me that it is now available at their store. During our lunch break at the office, I rushed to Comic Odyssey to bought my copy (that alone will tell you how much I am addicted to this series).

I thought that Invincibles battle with Conquest was already a top notch action, emotionally draining and kept me on the edge seat when Atom Eve almost died. This issue is a 100% sure to keep you in the edge of your seat (if your already an long time invincible reader). As far as I can recall, I have never been this excited (in reading a comic book) and crave on what will happens next.

I have said this once before. But in my humble opinion "INVINCIBLE" is the best superhero comic book of all time.

Issue #75 is literally a jaw dropping issue for me.

Mr. Kirkman.... you did it again.

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