Monday, August 22, 2011

Big K on GTMACCon

Thanks to Mr. Kit Perez on making this promotional poster for this coming event. And I might say that we are very much on the same phase when it comes on our way of thinking regarding the local scene today. Please read below what he just said on the GTMACC Facebook group page.


To all those who were with us in this GTMACCON 2011 profile pic campaign, we thank you for being one with our effort of not only promoting our upcoming event... but also showing that you still have faith in the talent of our pinoy comic book artists.

We do hope your support for our local comic book industry will not end after 10.22.11 but rather your appreciation will continue to grow thus inspiring our local artists to come up with their best works yet.

If we can be fans of foreign cultures because we thing these are 'cool' why not look within our own bounds and see why the rest of the world thinks Filipinos artistry maybe second to none.

We cannot change public preference overnight. We are but one small group. But at least we can proudly say, we dared to take that first step.

It had to start somewhere and by your showing your support i say that change has begun here.

Thank you.
Kit Perez

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