Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Write Ups

From time to time, I would receive links from other people that have written something about me and my comics. And every time I read each and single one of them, it fuels my interest in producing more issues. It recharges my enthusiasm to make more stories and art. And each time I receive a link, I make sure that I add them to my collection of links. Thank you very much to every one who had supported me from the very beginning up to this day.

With that said, here are my collection of links of Write Ups that people had made for me and my comics.

Aug. 25,2011 - David Delano D'Angelo

June 12,2011

March 15,2011 - SPOT.PH Top 10 New Pinoy Komiks Character

Nov. 3,2010 -

Oct. 18,2010 -

AstigTV Interview

June 9,2010 - The Blurb by Jonas Diego and Johnny Danganan.

May 17,2010 - POC (Philippine Online Chronicle) - by Macoy Tang

March 5,2010 - Pinoy Herald -

December 2009 - UNO MAGAZINE - by Mihk Vergara

Dec. 10,2009 - Review: Kalayaan ni Gio Paredes - by Hazel Manzano

Nov. 29,2009 - Living The Geek Dream - by Comicology

Aug.27,2009 - Kalayaan #7 Comics Review - by Mark Rosario

March 17,2009 - KOMIKS REVIEW: Kalayaan #6 - by Mark Rosario

February 2009 - FHM Philippines

Jan. 19,2009 - Komiklopedia : Creator Profile

Oct.23,2008 - Kalayaan #1-4 Comics Review - by Mark Rosario

June 18,2008 - Kalayaan comic review - by Jaybhoi

June 6,2008 - Kalayaan 4: Gio's bold, unprecedented move - by Robin Rivero


Reno said...

Haha I thought you were encouraging us to write to UPS (United Parcel Service). My bad. :)

Gio Paredes said...

Ahahaha. Gawin kong small letter ang P and S para di nakakalito boss Reno. :-)