Wednesday, August 17, 2011


GTMACC stands for Gaming, Toys, Manga Anime, Cosplay and Comics.

It's a group in Facebook that had gotten so large that they will conduct their very own event this coming October 22 at SM San Lazaro, Manila. The event is being spear headed by Mr. Kit Perez and Andrew Villar (creator of Ambush comics). And what's very interesting on this event is that one of their aim, is to help Pinoy indie comics creator like me by encouraging cosplayers to cosplay Pinoy Superheroes (How cool is that). It's like they have read my mind.

First of, I just want to say I do not have anything against Manga, Anime or anything Japanese. In fact, I actually love Japanese cartoons. I grew up watching Voltez V, Bioman, Daimos and Dragonball Z. I also love the Japanese culture and movies. When I was in elementary, I wanted to be a Ninja so much I created countless Ninja weapons and Ninja clothes. They are all cool and that, but as I got older, I realize that I should also love my own culture. Napag isip-isip kong dapat din nating mahalin ang sariling atin. I guess, that is one of the reasons why I created my character KALAYAAN. At kapag umaatend ako ng mga event at nakikita ko na karamihan sa mga cosplayers natin ay banyagang character ang kanilang kino-cosplay ay napapaisip ako at sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na "Sana dumami pa sana ang nagco-cosplay ng mga Pinoy Characters. Pinoy naman sana". And thankful enough, this is what the organizers of GTMACC event is aiming for. I am realy optimistic and also excited on this event.

On this event, I will also realese Kalayaan #0. The promotional issue of Kalayaan comics that will only cost P10 a copy. This issue will only be in black and white (including the cover). But I am also working out on things that I might print a version of this with a colored cover. This colored cover will cost more than the black and white version but still very much affordable. I plan to sell the colored version around P20 each. So wish me luck that I could have additional funds on this coming weeks to come.

So you better mark your calendar now. October 22, that's Saturday from 10AM to 8PM at SM San Lazaro Manila. I hope to see all of you there. :-)

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