Friday, July 27, 2007

One family of sore eyes

I woke up this morning with an irritation in my eyes. I was kinda expecting this, because since last night I was the only one here in our family that does not have any sore eyes. Two to Three days ago my wife was asking around our neighbors about this and they said that it is the season of sore eyes. I'm not pretty much sure if that is really the case here.

It all started with my youngest (Catherine). I was very concern at first(well I'm still am) since I did not know it at first. I thought it was an allergy of the skin that climb to her eyes. I was just going to take her to the hospital when we discovered that it was just a sore eyes. After a day, my second daughter(Joyce) got it, and after that day my eldest (Vannesa) got it, and after that, my Wife and lastly this morning I have it as well(darn). I only hope that this thing doesn't get in the way of my work. I hope that this will be gone on or before Monday. I'm very much sure my boss will not make me work there if he sees me like a drug addict. The other thing is that he is a very health conscious guy.

Hmmmmm, I think I will just search the net quickly for some info on this to cure it. Because later this day, I will be going to club meeting of the National Book Development Board in the "Different Bookstore (Serendra, The Fort). I hope those guys does not notice it. I will just bring my shades.

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