Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Thinking aloud

The past few entries that I made here are pure art. No text what so ever. Because I read one article once, and it says that let your work speaks for it self. No matter how good you are on persuading other people by your sweet talk. You could never persuade an editor or publisher to like your work by talking them out of it. So you better just shut up an let your work talk for you, and always listen to what the editor or publisher has to say about your work.


Being a programmer sometimes is a little bit boring. It is good to have another personality in me that I could express what I feel. Being an artist, I could express my mood on the way I draw. Sometimes, when I am so depress I draw something that is also depressing and dark. You can express the way you feel by this medium. And that is what is nice about it. You can have fun with it and you can express what you feel with it. It is like an outlet for me sometimes.

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