Monday, July 28, 2008

300 Million in 10 Days

Batman buried his rivals at the North American box office for a second weekend on Sunday, racing past $300 million in a record 10 days. Thats 300 Million US Dollars baby. I just could imagine the smile on the face of Christian Bale(Batman) right now. Darn you, you lucky rich bastard. :D

Let me just compute this gigantic money for a second.
Assuming that $1 = P44
Thats $300,000,000 x 44 = P13,200,000,000
P13,200,000,000 / 10 days = P1,320,000,000 every day
P1,320,000,000 /24 hours = P55,000,000 every hour
P55,000,000 / 60 seconds = P916,666.67 every second

By this computation, for the last 10 days, Warner Bros. are earning an outstanding P916,666.67 every second. It is like when I sneeze for a second, they already earned close to a million peso. And what is more amazing is that these are just for only the FIRST 10 days.

For more info. on those lucky rich bastards click here.

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